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1. What are the cases of return and exchange?
jewelshopus.com has a nationwide delivery service, applicable to customers buying products on the website, fanpage and calling, not applicable to customers buying directly at the store.

Orders will be delivered to the address provided by the customer through an intermediary shipping company.

2. Delivery time:
Orders inside and outside the city. Ho Chi Minh
- Delivery time is 1-2 days after placing the order.

- Orders before 11:30pm will be delivered in the afternoon of the same day

- Orders after 11:30 will be delivered in the evening and the next morning.

Orders in other provinces:
- The time is 4-5 days for the central area of ​​the province and city, 5-7 days for the suburban area, district, commune, town...

(- Excluding Saturday, Sunday or public holidays)

- Order processing time will be counted from the receipt of your completed payment.

- The delivery time can be changed if requested by the customer and zenmart.shop actively changes it in case of being affected by natural disasters or other special events.

- Your order will be delivered up to 2 times. In case the first delivery is not successful, a staff member will contact you to arrange a second delivery schedule with you, in case you still can't be contacted or do not receive any feedback from you. customer, the order will no longer be valid.

- To check information or status of your order, please inbox fanpage or call hotline number, provide name, phone number to be checked.

- When the goods are delivered to you, please sign the confirmation with the delivery staff and check the quantity and type of goods delivered are correct. Please keep the shipping receipt and purchase invoice for checking comparison.
3. Delivery fee
- Usually, the products at web24h.shop will be free shipping nationwide


1. What are the cases of return and exchange?
The return policy of web24h.shop helps you to comfortably return the purchased product with the most flexible and reasonable procedure.

- Products damaged, defective by the manufacturer, cannot be used.
- Product quality is not as described
- Not the same as the ordered product

For products that are defective from the manufacturer or are not compatible with the ordered products, azenmart.shop will support ALL customers to exchange and return goods.

2. Conditions for returning goods?
- All returns and exchanges must be made within 7 days of receiving the goods
- Have a membership card or confirm the correct customer information purchased on the system
- Full accessories included (if any)

3. Refund and exchange method?
- Customers please contact the Hotline of the system to notify about the exchange and return, then bring the product to the nearest store of web24h.shop with the coupon, warranty, (or phone number, information address). believe the buyer) and full accessories if any
- In order to exchange if it is not the right product you have ordered, you need to make sure that the product is intact, with all accessories and receipts, membership card not erased.
- Depending on the case, we will consider negotiating to exchange or refund to help you most satisfied

4. Products are not returnable?
- Defective products are not caused by the manufacturer
- Products included in the promotion have a note that does not apply the return policy

5. Payment method
- Contact Hotline for notification and support
- Check that the product meets the return conditions
- If the goods are sent by post, the shipping cost is borne by the customer