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With the criterion of putting the interests of customers first, zenmart commits that all products provided at Bao Phuong are genuine products, with clear origin, clear origin and quality assurance.

1. Product warranty method
Products provided at Zenmart are warranted according to the manufacturer's warranty.

The product warranty period is counted from the date Bao Phuong staff receive the product, which will depend on the condition of each product and the warranty policy of each supplier.

2. Regulations and product warranty responsibilities
For products distributed at web24h.shop with information and warranty period specified by web24h.shop, customers can bring the product back to web24h.shop. web24h.shop will support customers to receive and ship products to the Warranty Center. The product is warranted free of charge within the warranty period and scope; or charged based on product condition and warranty policy. Expenses incurred (if any) outside the warranty scope will be borne by the customer.

3. Cases not covered by the warranty at Zenmart
- Products without warranty information from the manufacturer

- Product has expired warranty

- The product has lost the manufacturer's warranty card

- Warranty stamp is torn, no warranty stamp

- Products are interfered with such as removing components, repaired by individuals or technicians who are not employees of Bao Phuong

- The product is damaged due to mechanical impact, deformation, falling, breaking, impact, scratches, damaged by moisture, rust, water, animal intrusion or human damage.

- The product used does not follow the supplier's instructions

For specific advice on a case-by-case basis and to update the manufacturer's/distributor's warranty at the time of purchase, please contact: